Recipes are little bits of magic that admins use to keep the community pot stirring properly.

They are automated workflows that site administrators create to increase engagement, follow-up with inactive users, create drip campaigns, set content and/or registration moderation rules, reward users who contribute, and more. By creating specific rules, based on conditions and criteria that they set, administrators can create efficiencies and radically boost connections with users.

Let's look at some of the ways you can use recipes:

Contact Members Who Have Been Inactive For A Long Time

You may want to use a recipe like this to take a punitive action (like deleting a user's account or subtracting points) or something more positive, like sending an email to inspire them too return.

You could even set additional conditions on the recipe. For instance, you could only trigger the recipe for users who registered more than a year ago (or whatever time period you desire).

Reward First-Time Posts

Make your members feel extra special the first time they post on your site!

You can have this recipe apply only to specific content types, or all types.

Create any number of actions, including granting additional community points for the user, sending them a special email, changing their activity title, calling them out with a special mention in the site activity stream, and more.

It's really important that you make fledgling users feel welcome and a "first post" recipe can be a great way to encourage more participation.

Recognize Members Who Reach Activity Point Milestones

Gamification is a great way to incentivize your community members to continue to participate.'s built-in point system gives administrators control over how many points should be awarded for each action taken by a user (for instance, each time they post a comment or like content).

You can create recipes to recognize and reward community members as they reach specific point milestones. Admins can create any number of milestone recipes, as well.

Use a recipe like this to change member titles automatically as they reach each new milestone level, give them kudos in the site activity stream, send them a congratulatory email, etc.

Moderate All Content By Members Until They Prove Themselves

You can create recipes to moderate content in just about any way imaginable, but here is an example recipe that can be very useful- moderate content by members until they reach a certain point threshold.

Remember, your members are accruing points automatically, so the longer they are around and the more they do, the more points they will earn.

Thus, with a recipe like this one, you can keep newer users "on the leash" until they reach whatever point milestone you feel represents a proper level of trust. You could also add conditions for specific permission circles the member belongs to, or how many posts they have authored, etc.

The beautiful thing is that content moderation is very flexible and you can have any number of moderation-related recipes to control the flow of content on your site.

Moderate Member Profiles When Members Change Email Address

Admins can moderate new member registrations in any number of ways via recipes. But they can also moderate member profiles when a member changes a profile in general or does something specific, like changing their account email address.

This makes it easier for administrators to stay on top of critical changes.

Create a Drip Campaign

Improve the on-boarding experience for new members, by automatically sending tips/info to them after initial registration.

You could, for instance, have recipes for sending tips to new members three days after they register, one week after they register, and one month after they register.

It's a great way to maintain touch points and keep new members engaged.

This is just a small sampling of recipes at your disposal with We encourage you to sign up for a demo to get more hands-on with them.

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