We're "enterprise", but our pricing is completely transparent. Our competitors make you jump through hoops to receive pricing information. We don't put any blinders on you so you know we are treating everyone the same. is an enterprise, hosted "software as a service" (SaaS) online community platform. Receive free software upgrades for the life of your contract. There are no bandwidth or disk space/storage limits.

1 : Choose Your Usage Tier

Private sites have a member limit, but include unlimited page views, while public sites have a monthly page view limit, but allow for an unlimited number of members.

Tier Member Limit (Private Site) Monthly Page View Limit (Public Site) Monthly Usage Fee
0.5 500 1 million $2,950
1 2,000 5 million $4,950
2 20,000 15 million $7,450
3 40,000 30 million $10,750
4 80,000 50 million $17,500
5 150,000 75 million $23,750
6 300,000 150 million $38,500
Higher tiers available upon request.

Public sites that exceed the monthly page view limits are subject to an overage fee of $1.50 per thousand page views over the limit. Private site member limits are hard limits, however, and thus overage fees are never applied. Note that there is a limit of 1,500 concurrent chat event/room participants (across all active chats).

2 : Choose Your Ongoing Support Plan (Required)

Prior to initial launch, you will receive 9 hours of RightStart (hands-on) assistance configuring your site, as well as 2 hours of online training. Those are included at no additional cost, regardless of the support plan you choose.

Note that you must choose one of the support plan options below.




Unlimited Online Basic Support
Next business-day response guarantee. Does not include professional services.
Emergency Hotline
For unplanned site downtime events.
Yearly Onsite Training and Consultation
Up to 4 hours of training each year in your office.
White Glove Maintenance
Hands-on assistance with making changes to your site via the control panel. Tell us what you need done and we will do it for you.


hours per month


hours per month*


hours per month*
$999/month $1,999/month $2,750/month

* Unused hours do not rollover month to month.

3 : Choose Optional Add-Ons

All of the following are options available for

Single Sign-On (SSO) No charge, assuming using one of our supported integrations (SAML 2.0 or OpenID 2.0). Includes up to 10 hours of assistance by Social Strata. Other integration types supported, but require a cost quote.
Premium Security **
Includes total data encryption, HIPAA-compliance, isolated firewalls, redundant DoS/DDoS mitigation, active cyber defense.
$4,500/month plus $7,500 setup fee
Assumes using one of our supported data centers in US, England, Europe or Singapore. If you require Premium Security in another region/country, contact us for custom quote.
Mobile Apps
Your own branded iOS and Android apps for your site.
$750/month plus $4,500 setup fee
Fees are per site (one iOS and Android app per site).
Note: fees listed are an introductory rate available through end of June 2017. If added on July 1, 2017 or later, the fees will be: $900/month with a $5,500 setup fee.
International Data Centers **
Host your site in data centers outside the United States.
By default, your site(s) will be hosted in one of our US facilities. If you require a non US data center, the additional cost is $2,300 per month per non US data center, plus $10,750 setup fee per non US data center, plus a 17% premium on all usage fees.
Note: you will receive a credit of $1,800 per month, as well as a $5,000 setup fee credit, if you include the Premium Security add-on.
Multi-Site **
Set up more than one unique site for your company. Reselling not permitted.
$3,750/month for unlimited sites, plus $6,500 setup fee per site added (after your initial site). Usage aggregated across all sites.
All sites must be of same type (public or private) and must be owned by account owner (no reselling permitted).
Remove Our Branding $750/month

** Requires Usage Tier of 1 or greater.

4 : Setup Fee

The initial, one-time setup fee for is $19,750. That fee includes all initial setup fees for the account- including the costs to setup your site(s) in our data centers, assist you with SSO (assuming you are using one of our supported SSO integrations), provide up to 9 hours of hands-on RightStart assistance configuring your site for the first time, and up to 2 hours of online training.

There may be other setup fees associated with optional add-ons you include on your account.


  • All recurring fees assume annual prepayment. If paying month-to-month, there is a 15% premium.
  • Our professional services rate is $200 per hour. This is required for support that requires hands-on assistance.
  • Discount for certified non profits: 10% on all recurring fees (excludes one-time and setup fees).

2-Year Term · 100% Uptime Guarantee · QA Site Included · Disaster Recovery Included

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay for a year in advance?
All pricing assumes that you pay for a year in advance. We find that that ensures a higher level of commitment. Your long-term success is important to us and we've found that this increases the chance for positive outcomes. You may optionally pay on a monthly basis, but we apply a 15% premium on recurring fees in that case.
How does the Annual Training work?
Once per contract year, we will schedule a time to meet with you at your office. During that meeting, a Social Strata representative will provide training or consultation to suit your needs. This can be used for training on new features, assistance with improving the community experience, etc. It's our way of ensuring that you are always up-to-date with's benefits. There will be no additional charge for this meeting, which can last for up to four hours per visit.
There are a lot of features. Do I have to use them all?
No, you don't. You can easily disable/hide the features you don't need. If you just want to run a forum, disable all of the other modules. If you just want a blog, disable everything but the blog, etc.
Can I change the way things look?
Completely! On the most surface level, you have themes, which require no programming whatsover. And those themes support CSS-level changes, as well. You can also change any user-facing text on the site via your admin control panel. Finally, if you want to completely reposition elements and change the the overall structure of pages, templates allow you to do that using a javascript engine. You can literally make your site look any way you like.
Can you import my data from my existing site?
Most likely, yes. Just tell us what platform you are using and we'll give you a quote. Most of the time this will be a very affordable, flat rate. Tell us what you need on our support site.
If I want to leave, can I export my data?
Yes, you can. We include a built in member export function. If you want to export your content too, it's a manual process right now (you'll need to send us a request at
Do you have an API?
Yes, you are free to use our API. Just request that API access be enabled for your site.
Can you help set up my site for me?
Yes, all plans include a complimentary "RightStart" service to provide you with hands-on assistance with your initial set-up. We also include 2 hours of online training to help you get your staff up to speed when you launch.
Can I add my own features to
Yes, you have the ability to add application-level customizations. All customization requests are subject to approval. A customization quote will be provided.
Do I need any technical knowledge to use
Absolutely none. No software to install, no servers to maintain. No coding required to change your themes.

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