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Create beautiful content with Hoop.la blogs. Blog posts can be featured, marked as premium, organized into collections, liked, tagged, saved as drafts, and controlled via permissions.

Use title images and custom extracts to control the presentation of each blog post. Save as a draft while you are preparing content. Set a future publication date to control the publication date and time.
Each blog post can be associated with any number of collections. Tags can also be applied for more granular categorization. Blog posts can also be featured by administrators to bring more attention to particular posts.
From commenting to liking to sharing, each blog post has the tools to build your audience.
Blog posts and comments may be moderated for approval by administrators, either generally or based on content moderation rules that you set. Admins also control the overall design and structure of blogs.


With Clips, your community can upload media of all kinds- photos, videos, audio files, and documents.

Audio Player

Clip Widgets

View By Type
You can view clips by each type (photos, videos, audio, files) or view them as sets.
Each clip can be associated with any number of sets. Tags can also be applied for more granular categorization. Clips can also be featured by administrators to bring more attention to particular posts.
From commenting to liking to sharing, each blog post has the tools to build your audience.
Clips and comments may be moderated for approval by administrators, either generally or based on content moderation rules that you set. Admins also control the overall design and structure of clips. Clips can also be featured.
Third-Party Video Supported
Clips are normally uploaded, but Hoop.la also supports using embedded video from third party sources like YouTube and Vimeo.

Discussion Forums

Our company invented the modern message board nearly two decades ago, when we created the Ultimate Bulletin Board (UBB). We've retained the spirit of those original forums in the UBB Forum content module in Hoop.la.

Unlimited Categories and Forums
Create any number of forums and categories to segment your topics the way you want.
Embed Photos and Videos
Attached photos and videos can be embedded in posts. And of course the WYSIWYG editor makes it easy to compose.
Manage Topics
Move topics from one forum to another. Apply tags. Close topics to prevent new replies. Moderate content on your terms.
Per Forum Permissions
Configure unique permissions per forum. This allows you to make certain forums private, for instance, or to control who can post to others.
Downloadable Topic Data
Administrators can download pertinent data per topic.


With the built-in calendar, you can post events for the community.


Multiple Calendars
Create any number of calendars.
Google Maps Integration
If a complete address is included with the event, a Google Map link will be provided.
RSVPs and Comments Supported
Community members can indicate whether they intend to attend each event or make comments about the event.
Import Calendars
Admins can import existing calendars.
Users can subscribe to the community calendar.


Discover where your community members stand and control who can take surveys and who can view results.

Per Survey Permissions
Each survey has its own configurable permissions for who can take it and who can view results. You can even control when survey results can be viewed (anytime or only after taking the survey).
Multiple Questions
Surveys can be single question or contain multiple questions.
Set Optional End Time
Is your survey time-sensitive? No problem! Set a specific date and time when the survey can no longer be taken.
Make your surveys come alive by representing answers with images, if you like.
Write-In Responses
Allow your respondents to write-in their own answers.
Downloadable Data
Administrators can download pertinent data per survey.
Easily embed your survey on other websites.
Use survey widgets to showcase your widgets on your community.

Chat Rooms and Events

Chat rooms and chat events bring live conversation to your community. Chat rooms are static places that your members can drop in on anytime, while chat events are scheduled and designed to be focused on a topic or featured guest.

See who is viewing the chat while it is active.
Chat rooms can have scheduled "open" hours, while chat events must always have a scheduled date and time.
Event Moderation
Chat events can be moderated so that each post is reviewed before being posted.
Upload Photos
Photos can be uploaded to chats.
Kick Users
Moderators may kick misbehaving participants out of chats.


QuestionShark is our Customer Support module. Your customers can post support inquiries, while your Support Reps track and manage them.
Support Topics
Customers can submit questions, issues, suggestions, tips, compliments, and more as a way of seeking assistance and providing feedback.
Provide answers to the most common questions for your products/services.
Upload or link to all of your product documentation.
Real-Time Updates
You and your customers receive real-time updates on support topics when someone is composing a reply or when their has been new activity on the topic.
Efficient Management
QuestionShark goes beyond status markers and lists to make life easier for your Support Reps. Your reps can post whispers that only they can see on topics, to have a rep-only conversation that can both reduce close times and lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction. Topics can also be forwarded amongst reps seeking assistance internally.


With Hoop.la databases, you can create your own customizable, structured data sets. Use this to store and display anything you like, from movies to contacts to products. You decide what information to associate with each database and control who can add, edit and manage the records in the database.

Customizable Record Fields
When you create your database, you control which custom fields to associate with it. These fields can be of any supported field types, including text input, radio, dropdown menu selection, dates, and medie uploads (photos, video, audio, files). All fields are searchable.
Locked Records
Admins can lock any single database record, to prevent further changes.
Customizable Database Record Layout
Admins can also completely customize the way each database record is displayed by using custom HTML (and variables for each database field).
Permissions Per Database
Each database has its own set of permissions controlling who can create, edit, and manage records.


Recipes are automated workflows for your community that allow you to create custom actions based on specific activities that occur. Create recipes to increase engagement, follow-up with inactive users, create drip campaigns, set content and/or registration moderation rules, reward users who contribute, and more.

For each recipe, you define the activity that triggers the actions you wish to perform. These triggers can also be defined by a specific set of conditions, providing powerful flexibility.
Multiple Actions Per Recipe
Admins can set multiple actions per recipe, as well. For instance, if a blog post has a certain number of likes and/or comments, you could set actions to automatically feature the content, give the author additional points, send a congratulatory email to the author, and call out the popularity of the post in the site activity stream.
Support For Inactivity Triggers
While most recipes are triggered based on specific actions taken by users, we also support inactivity as a trigger. That way, you can proactively take action for users that have not been to your site in some time. It's a great way to bring users back into the fold.

Learn more about recipes!


With so much content that can be created, it is crucial that you can feature it properly throughout your community or even on outside sites. Hoop.la's widgets are flexible and embeddable on other sites.

There are many ready-made widgets built into Hoop.la. You can customize each widget and drag and drop to place where you want.
Most widgets can be embedded on other sites by simply copying and pasting some embed code. This is great for promoting your community content on other sites.
Custom Widgets
You can bring outside content into your community using custom widgets. Any HTML code can be applied, including Flash and javascript. This can be used for pulling in content from social feeds, as well.
Unique Per Content Module
You can create unique widget sets for each content module on your community. Thus, you can have one set of widgets for your forums and another for your blog.

Private Messages

Private conversations between two or more members.
Private Messages

Private Conversations
When you create a new private message, you choose exactly who will participate in the conversation and only the participants can view or post to the topic.
Any files can be attached to private messages, including photos, videos, audio files, and documents.
When you have a new private message, an indicator is dispalyed on the site. By default, you will also be sent an email notification.

Activity and Content Streams

Track new activity site wide, within a group, or per person on their profile page. View recent content across all content modules.
Activity Streams

Site and Group Activity
There is a site-wide activity stream, as well as streams per group, for tracking new posts on the site, new likes, new members, etc.
Personal Streams
Each member profile has its own activity stream, so that you can easily see what each member has been up to recently.
Activity Stream Widget
Showcase new activity by using the built-in Activity Stream widget.

Responsive Design

Hoop.la utilizes responsive design to render a beautiful, adaptive experience regardless of the device of screen size. Thus, whether your users are sitting in front of a computer or interacting on a phone or tablet, the experience will be fantastic.


Your Brand, Your Configuration

It's easy to skin Hoop.la to match your brand. And you can also collect whatever profile information you like, modify the navigation menu, and create permission groups to determine exactly who can do what.

Themes and Custom CSS
The built-in theme system allows you to customize the look and feel without any HTML knowledge, but the support for Custom CSS (and Custom HEAD fields) allows you to control things on a deeper level.
Modular Design
Though one of the hallmarks of Hoop.la is how integrated everything is, you can easily control which content modules you want to support on your site, through an easy-to-use online control panel.
You can assign specific permissions for all of your members or for specific permission groups that you create. This allows you the ultimate in flexibility in determining exactly who can do what in your community.
Customizable Images and Text
Through the innovative "Wordlets" system, you can easily replace our stock text with your own. You can also replace our stock images with your own.
Customizable Profile Fields
Collect whatever profile information you like. Add your own custom fields, gather geolocation info, if desired, and search on all of this data.

Participation and Social Hooks

Comments are supported for all content types, as is "liking," a means for users to indicate their appreciation or agreement with content. In addition, Hoop.la integrates with many major social networks.
Social Participation

Your community members can freely post comments to content. These comments fuel the growth and affinity for your community.
Likes and Sharing
Sometimes a comment is overkill and a simple "like" indicates community approval. And valuable (public) content is easily shared with others outside of the community to help drive more interest and traffic.
Socially Connected
Through integrations with Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Pinterest, Foursquare, and more, your community members can sign in via those services (if you want to allow it) or even share their content from those social networks on their profiles.

Total Control

Whether your site is completely private or unabashedly public, you always have powerful tools available to help you manage your content and membership.

Registration Moderation and Banning
You can enable registration moderation to approve new members each time they join, if you like. For already-approved members, you can also apply admin-accessible member notes for tracking and noting actions or ban problem members entirely. You can also enable CAPTCHA if you have an issue with bot registrations.
Content Moderation
Set unique moderation rules to review content that you think you need to keep an eye on. Moderation rules can have triggers based on specific members, keywords, and other parameters. You can also set up a censor list, if you want to explicitly prevent certain words from displaying on your site.
Automatic Comment Spam Protection
Comment spam has become a huge problem. Hoop.la Automatic Comment Spam detection can help identify spam posts automatically, giving the ability to have such posts deleted automatically or sent to the moderation queue for review.

Other Features

A sampling of other features included with Hoop.la.
Advanced Reporting Screenshots
Group List

Premium Security

With the optional Premium Security add-on, Hoop.la will provide the utmost level of data security. This is highly recommended for all customers, but especially those with sensitive data.


Nothing To Install Or Maintain
Hoop.la is a SaaS (software as a service) application. That means that it is completely hosted by us. You never have to install any software, purchase any equipment, or worry about maintenance of any kind.
Web Space
Hoop.la provides web space for you to upload files and images for use on your site (header and footer images, CSS amd javascript files, etc.)
Custom Pages
With Custom Pages, you can add static HTML pages to your community.
Premium Memberships
Hoop.la's turnkey premium membership service allows you to customize your own set of premium features and charge your own fee. Any piece of content on your site can be marked as premium in one click, as well. No merchant account required.

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