Communities Supported By is an extremely flexible online community platform and can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including the following:

Community of Practice

Gather your peer network of experts to share their knowledge and passion in a platform that’s designed for busy professionals. works beautifully on mobile devices, allows posting by email, and provides a rich space for file sharing.

Customer Engagement

Make happy customers by giving them an easy-to-use space for socializing, getting formal or peer support (either from fellow customers or from your team), sharing ideas, and building relationships around your brand. makes it easy to bring together an integrated social hub, and you decide whether it’s public, private, or a little of both.


Get marketing and sales on the same page, and streamline your communications by centralizing branded content and discussions. Give each partner a private space to collaborate with your team, no IT resources necessary.

Intranet / ESN

Build employee engagement, starting with’s group blogging, habit-forming notifications, and spaces for both business and off-duty content. Turn your far-flung offices into a cohesive team with chat events and photo sharing.

Influencer Management & Market Research

Talk to your evangelists and influencers in a creative, behind-the-scenes environment. gives you simple targeted surveys, space to share campaign information, “liking,” and gamification tools to keep your VIPs involved in the conversation.

Affinity/Hobby Hub

Provide a fun, bustling place for socializing around your chosen topic. Add your branding, or give the hobbyists ownership themselves. Become known as the social hub for people with passion. You can decide whether you want to include ads, sponsorships, or premium memberships to monetize it.

Fan Engagement/Awareness

You have raving fans out there talking about your brand, why not host the conversation? Integrate your social feeds, help fans share photos, videos and more, and reap the SEO benefits of dynamic user-generated content on your domain. With Enterprise plan, you’re able to easily share and download leaderboards, member activity, and content performance from a handy advanced reporting tool.

Education & Training

Organize your training videos, easily maintain an event calendar with RSVPs, and build relationships with rich member profiles and customizable profile fields. Host followup discussions and Q&A in forums and/or live chats, to keep the information fresh

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