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Branded Online Community Platform (pronounced "hoopla") is an enterprise, feature-rich, hosted platform for your branded online community. It provides a cohesive environment for your people to share, interact, provide feedback, and converse. supports public or private communities, can scale to any size, and provides you with total ownership and control of all content and member data.

Owned Media/Content is an owned-media machine. The content is created in and lives on your community site. includes blogs, discussion forums, calendars, chat rooms and events, surveys, media-sharing, commenting and more. You decide which types of content you want to support.

All content is SEO-friendly (if content is public) and searchable on the site. Permissions give you control over who can post, view, and manage content.


We make it easy to match the look and feel of your brand. The theme editor allows you to change things like colors and fonts without any technical knowledge, but you can also use CSS to design to the pixel level, if you prefer.

All user-facing wording is also customizable, as are profile fields, widgets, menus, and more.

Application-level customization is available for sites looking for new features or modifications to existing features.


With you own all content and member data for your community. And we give you the tools you need to manage everything.

Apply censor words, automatically detect (and take action on) spam, set user and administrative permissions, use the API to access the system, use SSO to integrate with your existing member database.

With Recipes, create automated workflows to increase engagement, set content or registration moderation rules, and reward active users.

Designed For Communities Of All Types is super flexible and benefits any kind of online community- public or private.

It can be used for customer engagement, a community of practice, influencer management and market research, partner/sales coordination, fan engagement/awareness, education and training, employee intranet, or as an affinity hub.

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We don't play games with pricing or pay commissions to any of our representatives. Our sales process focuses on educating you about our service and helping you create a successful community for your brand.

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