Plan Comparison · Pro
Pro Is Ready For Your Mission-Critical Site
Complete Platform
You'll be able to use every feature, if you want to. You'll have forums, chat events, blog, clips (shared photos, videos, audio, and documents), and a community calendar.
Strong SLA
With Pro, you will receive performance guarantees for up to 100% uptime.
Premium Support
You'll receive guaranteed responses to all inquiries within one business day, as well as more direct support access via an Account Manager, if your plan supports it. In addition, some plans offer an emergency hotline for you to call in the event of an emergency.
Account Manager
Your Account Manager is there to help you when you launch but also as questions arise along the way.
Sandboxed Environment
One of the primary benefits of going Pro is that you are sandboxed from the general population of sites. This is beneficial because it shields you from issues that might be impacting the general environment, allows us to optimize your environment for improved performance based on your unique usage patterns, and allows us to roll out major updates on a schedule that suits you, if necessary.
Advanced Reporting
With the optional Advanced Reporting feature, you gain critical insight into the health of your community, identify your most important community members and content, and add the ability to target specific members based on usage levels. Included tools include: Community Averages, Leader Boards, Community Health Report, and Member Activity Report.
Experience You Can Count On
Our company has many years of experience managing the software and infrastructure of online communities like Northeastern University, HarperCollins, Scripps, Rodale, Time Warner Cable,, and many more.
Platform API
Pro customers are eligible to use our platform API, which can be used to integrate your community content in other applications. This is especially useful if trying to integrate content into your own mobile applications.
Application Customization
Only Pro customers have the ability to customize at the application level. All customization requests are subject to approval. A quote will be provided once you tell us your requirements.
CPM-Based Pricing Model
Pricing for Pro is simple and clear, a CPM (page views) model that allows you to pay for what you use. Disk space and bandwidth are always unlimited.
Single Sign-On Support
Already have a member database you are using and want your site to integrate with that? No problem, use our OneCommunity Single Sign-On option to have registration and sign-in work in sync with your other member database.
Interested or want a demo? Drop us a line!