Hoop.la Business and Enterprise

Advanced Reporting

Only Business and Enterprise customers have the option of enabling the powerful Advanced Reporting features.
Advanced Reporting

Leader Board

Community Health Report
Create reports over time periods you specify to track your community's progress across a variety of metrics, including new content posts, comments, likes, page views, visits, active members, and more. You can generate CSV files or email reports to yourself or others.
Leader Board
Identify your best content and community members through the Leader Board, for which you can also generate a CSV file or email to others.
Member Activity Report
Generate lists of members based on specific usage criteria over a period of time that you specify. Usage parameters include new content posts, comments, points, and visits. Thus, you can see who has (or has not) visited your site over a period of time, who has posted content, etc.

Important Business Features

We know that Hoop.la is just one cog in your business. With Hoop.la Business and Hoop.la Enterprise, you can fully integrate with your existing systems.

Single Sign-On (SSO)
Use our OneCommunity SSO to tie your Hoop.la site membership into your existing membership database to ensure a smooth experience for your members.
Add sub-groups on your Hoop.la community
Comment Spam Protection
Automatically detect and manage incoming spam posts.
Recommendation Engine
Enterprise customers can utilize the built-in recommendation engine for content and/or members.
Enterprise customers can use our published API (see example to the right) to integrate community content into other applications/sites that you control.

Enterprise Environment and Solution

Unlike Micro and Basic customers, who operate in a shared physical environment, Business and Enterprise customers are in their own sandboxed spaces, which provides them with a greater level of security and allows us to offer a much higher level of support.
Enterprise Solution

SLA with Uptime Guarantee
The uptime guarantee ranges from 99.5% to 100%, depending on your specific plan.
Premium Support Options
Site and community management options are available for all Business and Enterprise customers.
Proven Experience
Our company has over 15 years experience powering major brand online communities, including HarperCollins, Mattel, Northeastern University, Dun & Bradstreet, Time Warner Cable, Rodale, Sesame Street, Military.com, and many more.

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Spam Detection Stats

Easy To Customize
What sets Hoop.la apart from its competitors is the ease with which you can customize everything. Use the online control panel to change look and feel, graphics, text, menu items, and settings. No technical knowledge is required.
Simple Pricing Model
We strive to make our plans as flat as possible, with Pro plans using one usage metric to determine price.
Powerful Tools
We understand that it is your community and you need to control it on your terms. Thus, we give you all the tools you need to manage your community, from registration moderation tools to content management features, like moderation rules and automatic comment spam detection.

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