Plans and Pricing is a hosted "software as a service" (SaaS) application. Never worry about installing any software or managing equipment. All plans feature unlimited bandwidth and disk space.
From $2,599/month
billed annually
$7,500 setup fee
The core platform, with standard terms.
15 Admins
From $4,750/month
billed annually
$15,750 setup fee
The complete platform, with the most flexibility.
Unlimited Admins
Platinum Features
Premium Options
  Essential Enterprise
Monthly Usage Fee (billed annually)
$2,599/month (Tier 1 Usage)
$4,750/month (Tier 1 Usage)
Setup Fee $7,500 $15,750
Contract Term 1 Year 2 Years
Service Level Agreement (SLA) 99.5% 100%
Contract Language No Changes Allowed Negotiable
Plan Limits    
Private Site: Tiered Usage Limit
Public Site: No Limit
Private Site: Tiered Usage Limit
Public Site: No Limit
Monthly Page Views
Private Site: No Limit
Public Site: Tiered Usage Limit
Private Site: No Limit
Public Site: Tiered Usage Limit
Admins 15 Unlimited
Maximum Chat Participants 500 1,500
Platinum Features    
API Access Not Available
Account Manager Not Available
Customizations Permitted Not Available
QA Environment Not Available
Recommendation Engine Not Available
Pre-Launch Support    
RightStart 6 hours 9 hours
Online Training 2 hours
Post-Launch Support    
Online Support
Professional Services $200 per hour (unless covered by a specific support plan)
Optional Add-Ons    
Single Sign-On (SSO) $5,000 one-time fee (Essential or Enterprise)
Multi-Site Not Available $2,750/month for unlimited sites
plus $5,000 setup fee per site
International Data Center Not Available Monthly fee equal to greater of:
30% of the base monthly fee OR
$1,600 times the number of unique data centers
(outside of the US) being utilized.
In addition, there is an additional setup fee
of $1,000 for each site hosted in a non US data center.
Custom Branch Not Available $3,500/month
Remove Our Branding Not Available $750/month
Total Data Encryption Not Available $1,950/month plus $2,500 setup fee
HIPAA Compliance Not Available $3,500/month plus $5,000 setup fee, plus 20% premium on all usage tiers
Note: Total Data Encryption is included at no additional cost.
Optional Support Packages All Plans
Webinar (1 Hour) $1,000
Webinar (3 Hours) $2,500
On-Site Training (4 Hours) $4,500 (US/Canada) or $6,500 (Worldwide)
Maintenance Plan $500/month
Managed Site $2,500/month
Facetime Plan $15,000/year (US/CAN)
$25,000/year (Worldwide)
Half-Time Community Management $6,500/month
Complete Management $13,000/month
  • Discount for certified non profits: 10% on all recurring fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay for a year in advance?
All pricing assumes that you pay for a year in advance. We find that that ensures a higher level of commitment. Your long-term success is important to us and we've found that this increases the chance for positive outcomes. You may optionally pay on a monthly basis, but we apply a 15% premium on recurring fees in that case.
Do we need to purchase one of the optional support packages?
No, though we do hope you consider at least one of them. We love helping our customers succeed, and we're confident that your community will be positively impacted if you retain our ongoing, managed support.
There are a lot of features. Do I have to use them all?
No, you don't. You can easily disable/hide the features you don't need. If you just want to run a forum, disable all of the other modules. If you just want a blog, disable everything but the blog, etc.
Can I run my site on my own domain?
Yes, nearly all of our customers use their own domain or subdomain. Setting that up is simple. Just follow the instructions in the Custom Domain Guide, which you'll find in your site control panel. You can also set up SSL for your site (just provide us with the secure certificate information), if you are on a Business or Enterprise plan.
Can you import my data from my existing site?
Most likely, yes. Just tell us what platform you are using and we'll give you a quote. Most of the time this will be a very affordable, flat rate. Tell us what you need on our support site.
If I want to leave, can I export my data?
Yes, you can. We include a built in member export function. If you want to export your content too, it's a manual process right now (you'll need to send us a request at
Are there any overage fees?
The only possible overage fee would apply for PUBLIC communities who exceed their monthly page view limit. We charge $1.50 per thousand page views over the limit, in that case.
Can you help set up my site for me?
Yes, all plans include a complimentary "RightStart" service to provide you with hands-on assistance with your initial set-up. We also offer optional Managed Services, if you would like to partially or completely manage your site or provide community management services.
Can I add my own features to
Enterprise customers have the ability to add application-level customizations. All customization requests are subject to approval. A customization quote will be provided.
Do I need any technical knowledge to use
Absolutely none. No software to install, no servers to maintain. No coding required to change your themes.

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