Hoop.la is a hosted "software as a service" (SaaS) application. Never worry about installing any software or managing equipment. All plans feature unlimited bandwidth. Standard plans share space in one environment, while Pro accounts have their own isolated environments.

Standard Pro
Dedicated Environment No Yes
Maximum Members 20,000 Depends on Plan
Disk Space Limit (Attachments/Clips) 100 GB Unlimited
Chat Participant Limit 400 per room/event 1,500 per room/event
Page Views Per Month 1 Million Depends on Plan
Exclusive Features Uptime Guarantee
Application Customization
API Access
Advanced Support Hours
Single Sign On
Advanced Reporting**
Emergency Hotline
QA Environment
Account Manager
Learn More About Pro
Price $399/month* Starting At $999/month
* With setup fee of $300 (does not apply during demo period)
** Available For Additional Fee
UBB Forum
Just want forums? Go UBB!
If you only want forums, consider our UBB Forum service. It's a slimmed-down version of Hoop.la that only includes UBB Forum, without blogs, calendar, chat rooms/events, or clips.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hoop.la?
Hoop.la is the most powerful, turnkey online community platform you'll find. You can run an entire site using Hoop.la, which includes a feature-rich blog, amazing forums, chat rooms and events, private messages, and calendar, as well as support for photo, video, and audio uploads. No software to install. Check out the features.
There are a lot of features. Do I have to use all of them?
No, you don't. You can easily disable/hide the features you don't need. If you just want to run a forum, disable all of the other modules. If you just want a blog, disable everything but the blog, etc.
Can my users sign in using their credentials from other social networks?
Yes, they can, if you want them to be able to. You choose which of the supported social networks you want to enable, including Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, Yahoo, and Foursquare. If you enable these, members will be able to sign in directly on your site or using their credentials from these other social networks. This option is available for all plans.
Is there a long term commitment?
Standard plans can be canceled anytime with 30 days' notice, while Pro plans require a one-year commitment.
Can I run my site on my own domain?
Of course! You can set your site up to use your own custom domain or subdomain. Your Hoop.la domain will always work as well, even if you set up a custom domain for your site. Here's our handy dandy Custom Domain Guide.
What kind of support do you offer?
Get help from us and fellow Hooplatists at http://www.socialstrata.com/support/topics/hoopla. Most people are amazed by the level of support we provide. If you need more advanced support, consider a Pro plan.
Why do you call these independent communities?
We emphasize "independence" because you can really make this your own. All members belong to you, not some larger network. You can create your own custom profile fields. You can change themes or create your own. You can run the community on your own domain. You can customize your site menu and even add custom pages. You can control what features to use and which members can use them.
Do I need any technical knowledge to use Hoop.la?
Absolutely none. No software to install, no servers to maintain. No coding required to change your themes.
Can you import my data from my existing site?
Most likely, yes. Just tell us what platform you are using and we'll give you a quote. Most of the time this will be a very affordable, flat rate. Tell us what you need on our support site.
How do premium memberships work?
Making money through premium memberships is simple. Decide what you want to charge for. Some sites focus on premium content- admins can mark any piece of content as premium and reserve it just for premium members. Or you may also reserve certain features for paying customers. You set your own fee and we handle both collection of the money and the instant/automatic activating and disabling of premium accounts as they are paid for or expire. There are no setup fees and no merchant account required. You keep 75% of all premium membership revenue.
Is Hoop.la English-only?
No, it is not! It can support any language. If you have questions, drop us a line on our support site.
Can I add my own features to Hoop.la?
Pro customers have the ability to add application-level customizations. All customization requests are subject to approval. A customization quote will be provided.
If I want to leave, can I export my data?
Yes, you can. We include a built in member export function. If you want to export your content too, it's a manual process right now (you'll need to send us a request at http://www.socialstrata.com/support/topics/hoopla).
Can you help set up my site for me?
Yes, we will! With our "Right Start" service, which is included at no additional cost for new accounts, we will actually set up your site for you, based on what you tell us you want. We'll configure your site and even customize your theme, if you want, based on your instructions.