Give Your Group A Voice,
In A Space You Control

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Give Your Group A Voice,
In A Space You Control

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Your Own Community

With, you own your online community. You have complete control over your community members and all of the content that is posted. Give your group a home base that they can love and that you can manage on your terms. You set your own rules and retain complete ownership of all content and member information. Screenshot

The Ultimate Content Engine supports a growing number of content types- including blogs, forums, surveys, chat rooms and events, clips (photos, videos, audio files, and documents), and private messages. Even better, you can use widgets to pull content onto other sites.
Forums Forums
Let conversations spring forth with discussion forums.
Blogs Blogs
Publish content, which can be organized into collections, featured, and shared.
Chats Chats
Live chat rooms and scheduled chat events are great for real-time interaction.
Clips Clips
Share photos, videos, audio files, and documents.
Calendars Calendars
Post events, with Google Maps integration and RSVP tracking.
QuestionShark Customer Support
Support topics, FAQs, and documentation for your products and services via our optional QuestionShark service.
Dialogs Dialogs
Private messages between two or more members.
Surveys Surveys
Control who can take surveys and view results. Embed, track results, and set end times.

Social Participation is all about participation and community interaction. Community members can provide feedback and opinions via comments, show support via likes, share content with friends on other social networks, and gain easy access to your community via social network integrations.

Your members can post comments on any piece of content. You can moderate/review comments or even enable automatic comment spam protection, as well.
Sometimes a comment is overkill... a simple "like" conveys that the content is considered worthwhile.
Social Hooks integrates with most of the major social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Foursquare and more. You can allow your members to sign in to your community via these social networks, if you like. This can lower the barrier to entry.
All content that is public can be shared with others via email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

Powerful Management Features

Content Moderation
Set unique moderation rules to allow automated review of content. For instance, you could set one rule to review all posts by a certain community member before they are published and another that checks for any posts containing a specific keyword.
Automatic Comment Spam Protection
You can optionally have all posts automatically analyzed to determine if they are spam. Those marked as spam can be automatically deleted or sent to your content moderation review queue.
Registration Moderation
Manually approve each new registrant on your site, if you like. In addition, you can enforce an age limit, require parental authorization for underage registrants, and ban users by IP or email address.
Member Notes
Place administrator-only notes on each member profile. This is a great way to track issues per community member, especially if you have a large team managing your community.
Community Management

Easy To Customize

No two communities are alike and each has its own goals and requirements. For that reason, is designed to be easy to customize. is your own community, ready to be tailored to meet your mission—use it as a fan site, partner portal, training hub, community of practice, intranet, or whatever you need.
Easy to Customize
It's easy to change the look and feel by creating your own custom themes. Your brand will be properly extended on your site. And while no programming is required to use the Theme Editor in, you can also use Custom CSS to make things as pixel-perfect as you like.
Your Domain
Even though is a hosted service, you can still use your own top-level domain or subdomain.
Custom Profile Fields
You have total control over your member data, and also gives you control over the profile information you wish to collect. Add custom profile fields, designate them optional or required. Collect and track demographic data. The choices are entirely yours.
Custom Menus
No programming is required to configure your community's navigation menu. You determine the order of things. You can even add custom menu items.

Ready For Business is truly an enterprise-class application. Pro offers sites the scalability, reliability, flexibility, and support that any mission-critical service requires.
Sandboxed Environment
Each Pro customer has its own scalable environment.
Single Sign-On supports Single Sign-On (SSO) for integrating with your existing membership database.
Service Level Guarantees
All Pro customers receive uptime guarantees, with penalties if we fail to deliver.
API Access
Use the API to integrate content in other sites/applications.
SSL Support
Enable SSL for improved security.
Advanced Reporting
Pro customers can enable Advanced Reporting to gain in depth insight into the community's health, track the most popular content and people, and target community members based on their activity levels.

And So Much More...

Our company has served hundreds of thousands of online communities over the past 15 years, including great brands like HarperCollins, Rodale, Mattel, and HGTV. See more customers.
Mobile-Ready has a mobile interface, which means that users accessing your site via their mobile browsers will have a great experience.
Nothing To Install Or Maintain is a SaaS (software as a service) application. That means that it is completely hosted by us. You never have to install any software, purchase any equipment, or worry about maintenance of any kind.
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